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Susie’s Story

by Carol Flett
An intriguing account of history, romance, and a father’s love, based on the true story of a young girl growing up in the nineteen-twenties in revolution torn Soviet Russia
Susie was a terrific story-teller. But who would have thought such a wonderful talent could get her into so much trouble?
In Susie’s Story, Susie is blessed with a loving Papa, a peaceful Mennonite home and close family friends. (Even the Remple’s boy, Josh, wouldn’t be so bad if he wasn’t such a terrible tease.) But the revolution threatens to shatter the peace of their home and settlement by taking away their livestock and grain and causing starvation. Susie stores up resentment and begins to hate the Russian people.
Susie’s Story is about the love and compassion of a Heavenly Father, and the growing relationship between a boy and a girl. Although Susie’s Story is written for young adults, it has great appeal to readers of all ages.

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